Focus Areas

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

SHADAC researchers are experienced in the creation of maps and infographics that let analysts and policymakers “see” data in order to help them better understand the information and put it in a policy context.  Effective visualization can play a critical role in the successful dissemination of policy-related data and in communicating its implications.


SHADAC uses ArGIS to create maps illustrating a variety of data across county, state, and national geographies. Tab and “slider” options allow users to see output for multiple variables and to compare outcomes over time.

Move the slider bar to compare the number of uninsured in Maryland in 2012 and the number who selected a plan in the Maryland’s Health Insurance Marketplace between October 2013 and September 2014.


SHADAC infographics make data easily understandable at a glance and highlight the key message(s) of the data, simplifying the information in a way that is visually engaging.